Kids Scholarship Fundraiser DVD now Available!

Kids Scholarship Fundraiser DVD 2014

Proceeds generated from the sale of this video goes directly into a Scholarship fund to help deserving kids, who familes can’t afford the regular tuition to train.

This 2-DVD set is 4-Hours long and features Teaching Clips, Training Clips and pictures all taken at the school from August 2013 to August 2014. This gives you a glimpes of what its like to be a student at the headquarters of KSK Martial Arts.

It includes such areas as Single & Double Stick, Single & Double Knife, Weapon Disarms, Takedowns, Silat, Striking, and Trapping with the Hands, Trapping with the Stick and Trapping with the Knife. It also features a lot of great action with the Focus Mitts.

Professional editing, and all “Teaching” sections are split up into their own chapters so they are easy to locate on the DVD’s. The decerning eye can get A LOT out of this information packed 2-DVD set! We appreciate your support. Thank You!

Click HERE to get this awesome video today! Expand your knowledge and help a kid learn the martial arts.

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