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What makes a good martial arts teacher?

What attributes are found in good teachers? T. Kent Nelson discusses what makes a good martial arts teacher and why he went into teaching. Nelson is the founder and owner of K.S.K. Martial Arts in Lansing, Michigan. Video shot at his school in 2013, as part of the Michigan Martial Arts Project.

Over 30 Years Experience In The Martial Arts

Instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto:
Filipino Martial Arts  (Kali / Eskrima / Arnis)
Maphilindo Silat  &  Madjapahit Martial Arts
Jeet Kune Do  &  Jun Fan Gung Fu

Instructor under Sifu Paul Vunak:
Filipino Martial Arts
Jeet Kune Do
Edged Weapons

Instructor under Shawn Kitzman:
MMA – Synergy Martial Arts

 Former MMA coach for the
Mash Fight Team of Lansing

15 yr. Student of Sensei Tadashi Yamashita in
Suikendo & Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do

Instructor with Controlled F.O.R.C.E.:        Level 1 & 2

Only civilian to ever be endorsed by the Michigan Sheriff’s Association for Improvised Edged Weapon Survival and Subject Control

Purple Belt:  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

4th degree Black Belt: Unity Martial Arts Association

2nd degree Black Belt: Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do

1st degree Black Belt: Chang Moo Kwan TaeKwon-Do

Student Level-3: Combat Submission Wrestling

Stage-5: Balintawak (Anciong-Buot lineage)

Guro/Sifu/Sensei T. Kent Nelson has had a buring passion for the martial arts his entire life.  He has been studying them since 1984.  To him martial arts is not just something you do, it’s a way of life.

Nelson has achieved many accomplishments over the years, with promises of more to come.  He is the owner of K.S.K. Martial Arts in Lansing, MI.  as well as founder of “CUTTING EDGE: Defensive Tactics Training” for law enforcement and security personal.  He is the only civilian in the history of Michigan who has a curriculum endorsed by the Michigan Sheriff’s Association.  His DVDs have sold in 13 countries, he teaches public and private seminars to both civilians and police officers. He has been featured in the book “The Way to Black Belt”, and he dedicates a large amount of time not only training with some of the best teachers in the world, but also making sure that each and every one of the students that train with him get the best possible instruction he can provide, and creating a close family-like environment among them.

Guro Nelson holds an Instructor Level in Jun Fan Gung Fu (Bruce Lee’s Martial Art), Kali/Eskrima (Filipino Martial Arts), Maphilindo Silat & Madjapahit Martial Arts under living legend Guro Dan Inosanto, top student of the late Bruce Lee, and original pioneer of  Mixed MartialArts.  He has been training under Guro Dan since the year 2000.

2010 Guro Kent was introduced to Professor Chet Schemahorn, the first non-Brazilian affiliate student to achieve a Black Belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.  With over 20 years experience and a Full Instructor under the Gracie’s, Guro Kent loved Professor Chet’s approach to the Grappling arts and thought that they would merge well with the Kai-Shin Jeet Kune Do curriculum.  He has been studying with him ever since.

 ChetChet 2

Nelson also holds an Instructor level under Sifu Paul Vunak, in Edged Weapons, Jeet Kune Do Concepts & Filipino Martial Arts.  Vunak is the creator of the Rapid Assault Tactics (RAT) which he developed for the US Navy SEALS.

Sensei Nelson has been a personal student of Martial Arts Master and movie star, Sensei Tadashi Yamashita since the late 90’s.  Yamashita is the founder of Suikendo, and one of  the highest ranked black belts in the world in Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do and Matayoshi Kobudo (Okinawan Weapons).  Yamashita has also worked with such movie stars as Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Wesley Snipes, Sean Connery and has stared in over 12 films.  His most famous roll was playing the main villain in “American Ninja”

Guro Kent has began studied privately with Sifu David Hatch from 2007-2015, learning the arts of Balintawak Eskrima, Maphilindo Silat, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Wing Chun and Inosanto-LaCoste Kali.  Sifu Dave is the highest ranked instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto in the Michigan area, and was the longest consistent private student of Manong Ted Buot in the art of Balintawak Eskrima.  Hatch is now the head of the Aciong-Buot Balintawak system.

T. Kent Nelson also holds an Instructor level in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) under Synergy Martial Arts founder, Shawn Kitzman.   He was also Guro Kent’s primary coach in Combat Submission Wrestling.  Shawn &  Kent began training together in 2007, and continued on through 2015.

In addition to his study of the fighting arts, Nelson also researches the defensive tactics of Police officers, soliders and those who are faced with the possibility of life and death situations every day.   He began this training with “Controlled F.O.R.C.E.”, one of the best and most well respected companies specializing in training Law Enforcement and Military personnel on Survival Tactics & Anti-Terrorism methods.   Nelson has achieved a Level 1 & 2 instructor certification under them.  He also served as the Defensive Tactics Research & Development partner to the former lead instructor of the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Brian Valentine.  Nelson has also taught the officers and the D.T. instructors for the department in Edged Weapons Survival and Subject Control.

Nelson is also a contributor to the book by martial arts authors L.A. Kane & Kris Wilder, entitled The Way To Black BeltAvailable through www.Amazon.com

It is because of his tireless pursuit in the arts that his curriculums are in a constant state of evolution and improvement. Sensei-Guro T. Kent Nelson has an incredibly deep passion for the martial arts, and it is his goal to spread the positivity and benefits that he has received from them, to others.

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