Start An Affiliate Group

How To Start An Affiliate Training Group… It’s Easy!

Step-1.  Subscribe to an INSTRUCTOR Membership at our Online Learning Center,

Step-2. You’ll need yourself and at least one other person to get started.  Coordinate training times and find a suitable, clean, safe location to train in with your fellow group members.  Living room, basements, garages, backyards, parks, gyms, dance studios, conference room, or even a commercial martial arts school will work.

Step-3.  View the tutorial videos on the Online Learning Center for whatever material you would like to learn.  Take it back to the members of your group, share the knowledge and begin practicing it with them.  Your group members have now become your training partners.

In time your group can become endorsed as an Official Affiliate Training Group,  you can earn ranking as a STUDENT and as an INSTRUCTOR, and your group members can earn ranking as official Affiliate Students as well.  Tell Me More

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