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STAND-UP ARTS:  Muay Thai, Panantukan, Silat, Jun Fan

Are you ready to get a great workout…and learn to throw a REAL PUNCH!
This class is not just your average cardio kickboxing class.  You’ll work up a sweat while we teach you the real stuff you can actually use to defend yourself.   You’ll learn punches, kicks, elbows, knees, hand-trapping, clinching, and easy safe takedowns.  Perfect for both Men & Women!









In our Stand-Up Arts class you’ll be following the doctrine of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do concepts.  You will learn to defend yourself from a standing position by using the training methods of many martial arts from around the world.  Whether we’re sweatin’ it out with different Kickboxing styles like Muay Thai & Panantukan, learning to move your hands at lightning speed with the techniques of Wing Chun & Jun Fan Gung Fu, or gracefully sweeping your opponent off their feet with Indonesian Silat, you are sure to enjoy this energetic broad spectrum of learning.

img_9681-copyThe Stand-Up Arts class represents half of our Full JKD Curriculum (Kai-Shin Jeet Kune Do).  It dose not have individual belts, however students who attend the Stand-Up but not the Grappling, can promote through four different levels:

LEVELS for STAND-UP / JKD Concepts
1. Basic Level 
2. Intermediate Level 
3. Advanced Level
4. Senior Level


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