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Edged Weapon:

I have personally trained with Mr. Nelson (program’s founder) and have been through the course.  I found it to be simple to learn and retain, and effective in it’s application.  I feel it provides a realistic response to edged weapon assaults both on the street or in a correctional setting.

As a police officer and Defensive Tactics trainer, I am most impressed with the simplicity and realistic approach of Kent’s program.  In addition to being a top-notch program, a major benefit of training with CUTTING EDGE is the individual attention you will get from him as an instructor.  Because of his long history of studying and teaching martial arts, students who are having difficulties can be shown different methods or adaptations specific to their problems.  So many DT instructors are proficient only in the limited scope of their certification, but with Kent’s vast experience and training in many arts, he can offer so many more options to struggling students.  I highly recommend this program and this instructor!

– Sgt. Brian Valentine
Mid-Michigan Sheriff’s Deputy
D.T.  Expert & Instructor


Edged Weapon:

I was impressed with the ease of which I was able to grasp the concepts and put to practical use.  Every aspect of the CUTTING EDGE: “Improvised Edged Weapon Survival & Control” translated directly to a correctional or law enforcement setting.

I would recommend this training to anyone that considered making law enforcement, corrections or security a career.

– Officer Carl Faulkner
Mid-Michigan County Corrections


Edged Weapon:


I am writing to you regarding your edged weapon defense class I recently attended. I am greatful for the “edge” you have given me as a Police Officer with training that I have never had, and feel that it provides an extra tool for survival in my job, allowing me to go home at the end of my shift on my own power.

As a PPCT Instructor, I feel that your class is very compatible with those techniques and easily incorporates the two.

I will recommend your class to everyone in the Law Enforcement Community and appreciate your tailor made approach to the class.

Thank You again,
Fred “Stoney” Miller

– Officer Fred Miller
Lead Training Officer
Fowlerville Police Department


Edged Weapon:

All of the skills taught are straight forward and practical in their application, with the emphasis being placed on the officer’s survival.

As a police officer our most important job is to come home to our loved ones every night, and T. Kent Nelson’s CUTTING EDGE: “Improvised Edged Weapon Survival & Control” program helps to ensure we can come home in one piece.

As a law enforcement professional I would recommend this program to any police department  or security agency as an important addition to defensive tactics training.

– Officer John Pinkstaff
Northern Ohio Police Department


Subject Control &Edged Weapon:

T. Kent Nelson (founder & head instructor of CUTTING EDGE) is an intelligent and motivated individual. He is an exceptional instructor. About three years ago he worked with me with some minor techniques to help protect myself in police operations. We spent about 2-3 hours working on the material and I continue to retain it to this day.

I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to improve their knowledge in the aspect of self defense and defensive tactics to learn from this highly motivated instructor.

– Officer Christopher Trumpower
Southern Michigan Police Department


Subject Control / Customer Control:

I have personally worked with T. Kent Nelson, and can attest that his CUTTING EDGE: “Subject Control / Customer Control” course is very practical and effective in it’s application.  The concepts taught are easy to learn, and can greatly contribute to the safety of a situation where someone has to be forcefully removed or controlled.

I have worked as a bouncer and security staff for several establishments in both Michigan and Louisiana for the last 15 years. I’m no stranger to the dangerous and sometimes violent situations that can be caused by an “out of control” individual.

In my opinion this course is a “Must Have” for anyone who employs any form of security staff.

– Orcel Banks
15 Years experience in security work


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