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Now you can train from the comfort of your own home, guided by the expert instruction of Guro T. Kent Nelson, Guro Brett Allan Eckhart, Jo-Shu Larry Mouton and Jo-Shu Tom Jones.

Due to increaseing intrest in people from different parts of the world wanting to get involved with our school and methods, Guro T. Kent Nelson has formulated an “Affiliate Program” which allows people from all over the globe to become part of our martial arts family.  We are very proud to present, an Online Learning Center (OLC) which allows people who do not live in the area to train, and earn rank, from a distance in the curriculums of KSK Martial Arts.

The OLC is designed to be the guiding resource to help anyone who wants to be an Affiliate with KSK.  It will skyrocket the learning curve of our curent Affiliate Group Leaders, as well as establish new Affiliate Groups across the United States, and even the world.

Currently features the tutorial videos needed to guide you through the first 3-Ranks of the Kai-Shin Jeet Kune Do (MMA-JKD) curriculum, as well as the Armas-Kali curriculum.

Offering both Student Memberships & Instructor Memberships, the OLC is a terrific tool to help you achieve your goals.

Our Student Membership gives you access to the curriculums and provides you with a tutorial video for each technique. It also grants you access to an entire section on Philosophical Development.

The Instructor Membership not only provides you with all the features of the Student Membership, but also provides you with methods for training and installing techniques, common mistakes to look out for, and strategies for both personal and professional development. Basically, its designed to help you learn how to be a teacher of the KSK curriculums and develop into a good Affiliate Training Group Leader

One of the nicest features of the is that you do not have to advance through one rank to view the next. You’ll have complete access to everything at the level of membership you sign up for.

Whether you want to advance through the ranks or just learn the material, start an Affiliate Group or just become a better teacher, learn the entire system or just pick and choose what you like, the OLC is a perfect way to help get you there!

Take Me To The Online Learning Center

See the Journey From Beginner to Affiliate Instructor!

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