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Let’s face it… weapons are cool.  This class brings the FUN!  Tap into your inner-warrior and grab a stick.  KSK’s weapons curriculum is by far one of the most enjoyed classes by our adult students.  People love it! 

We call the KSK weapons curriculum Armas-Kali (Weapon Hand Motion).  Its simple purpose is to teach students the concepts, tactics & techniques of multiple weapon arts, in a way that seamlessly blends them together, and is easy to learn.  With a primary base in Filipino Martial Arts, we also barrow from Thai & Okinawan weapon systems as well.  

Students will study the five main types of weapon use:

img_3203– Impact Weapons
– Edged Weapons
– Puncture Weapons
– Projectile Weapons
– Flexible Weapons


We’re not gonna lie… it’s pretty sweet.  As a student studies this art they develop coordination, timing, range, foot & body movement, speed, power and grace.

Some of the weapons taught in Armas-Kali are:

img_3317Stick (single & double)
(single & Double)
(single & double)
Stick & Knife Combintion

Sword/Stick & Shield
Palm Stick
The Staff
Sarong / Malong

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img_3294This class has its own organized ranking system that is unique to KSK Martial Arts, to ensure a properly structured journey for maximum learing. 

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